We have news from the court... and it is good! Property owners in the Montrose Management District have seen a blizzard of recent reports in the media stemming from the court's ruling on November 28th 2016 that the assessment on property in MMD West is "void as a matter of law".

Are we surprised that the District is, none the less, still sending out bills to these property owners? Worse yet, included in the mail-out is a copy of the court's subsequent December 30th order that apparently voids the earlier Findings of Facts - except that it doesn't! So, ‘No’, we aren't surprised at the Districts intransigence, that's why we filed a class-action suit on January 4th 2017 to get our money back. Meanwhile, owners of property in MMD West should read “Should I Pay?” and think very carefully if they really want to pay the bill they've just received.

In the meantime, our second petition for dissolution from over 80% of the assessed property has been back-handed with the characteristic arrogance so typical of the board. Owners of property in both MMD East and MMD West should know that the legal battle continues even as we celebrate this favorable decision.

STOP the District is a grass roots volunteer organization committed to the dissolution of the undemocratically imposed Montrose Management District in Houston, Texas. more… Our mission’s success depends on property owner participation. Please sign up for email notification – contribute - and stay in the fight.