STOP the District is a grass roots volunteer organization committed to the dissolution of the undemocratically imposed Montrose Management District in Houston, Texas. more…

The long process began in response to the Districts organizational hearing of October, 2010. Petitions gathering began in earnest in March, 2011 culminating in formal delivery in September 2011 of petitions for dissolution totaling a phenomenal 78% of the property subject to the assessment. The District disclaimed their legal duty to dissolve through a contorted and self-serving interpretation of the law. The board has made clear that the only way they will acknowledge their responsibility to dissolve is when compelled by a Judge. Consequently, 1620 HAWTHORNE LTD, a member of STOP the District, filed suit in April of 2012. After lengthy legal maneuvering, the plea to the jurisdiction – a necessary first step – was heard on January 18th 2013 in the 333rd Civil District Court. In a remarkably rapid deliberatioin, Judge Ted Halbach ruled on February 25th that the trial on the merits may proceed.

The fight, however, has really just begun. We are confident that the will of the vast majority of property owners will prevail (more…) but it is very important that all property owners participate in and fund this effort.

Property owner participation is the key to the success of this worthy fight.