STOP the District is a grassroots team of volunteers. We have in common that we own or operate businesses within the bounds of the Montrose Management District and we reject the imposition of this superfluous layer of government on the taxpayer. But more than that, we volunteers have rallied behind the patriotic idea that a few politically-connected private citizens should not co-opt the power of the state to yoke a minority of property owners into supporting their "lifestyle jobs".

When the district, in receipt of a petition from over 3/4 of their tax base, was faced with the legal obligation to dissolve, they refused - citing a specious interpretation of the law. In essence, they dared us to sue them. Well that’s it. We either sue them or walk away from our legal right to be rid of these unscrupulous opportunists. Lawsuits require attorneys and that means money. At this stage, volunteerism is not enough. We need broad financial support and participation.

If you are a commercial property owner in the district you currently face a mandatory levy from the District for at least the next 5 years (Realistically, it will never go away; not one management district in Houston has ever been closed). If you believe, as we do, that every penny you are now sending to the District is illegally collected, what is it worth to you to shut them down? Well consider this: we expect this fight to require about 25% of what the district collects in one year and, with that funding, we submit that are chances of succeeding are, in fact, quite good (read more here…) Surely it is far better to voluntarily pay 25% of one year's assessment now, then to be forced to pay 100% every year as long as you own your property.

The fact is, STOP the District had to strike while the iron was hot. One of our volunteers has already sued the district to perform its ministerial duty to dissolve. But the fight is not nearly over and it’s not wise to sit on the sidelines hoping others will carry the fight. The district has amply demonstrated that despite the express desires of their tax base, despite the bad press, despite the law, they will not go away except by a judge’s order.

We have enjoyed wonderful support from enthused property owners with initial funding and a "standing room only" gallery at our hearings. Now we encourage your participation as well as your financial support. So please sign up for email notification of court dates and contribute today an amount equal to 25% of your Montrose Management District tax bill.

Make checks payable to:
STOP the District
P.O. Box 66192
Houston, TX