Class Action Suit


As a consequence of our original suit (1620 HAWTHORNE LTD vs. MONTROSE MANAGEMENT DISTRICT) the judge entered findings of fact and conclusions of law that declared the assessments on property in the original HCID11 (a.k.a Montrose Management District West) to be “void as a matter of law”. What this means is that the board never had the authority to collect the $6.5M they have so far collected from those properties. So while STOP the District continues to pursue dissolution in the original suit, those of us with property in the HCID11 portion of the district will have to sue to collect monies we never legally had to pay.

On January 4, 2017 1620 Hawthorne Ltd, once again, filed suit in Harris County Civil District Court for refund of illegally assessed charges and class certification of the suit. Owners of affected property will be contacted to join the class in order to participate in the distribution of refunds.

This page is a reference to the documents and exhibits filed in the case.

Date STOP the District Montrose Management District
01/04/17 Plaintiff’s Original Petition for Refund of Illegally Assessed and Involuntarily Paid Montrose Management District Charges, Request for Class Certification, and Designation of Class Representation and Class Counsel